Aluminium Fascia and Soffits

Aluminium Fascias & Soffits

AFP designs and manufactures a complete range of aluminium fascia and Soffit systems. Profiled aluminium fascia and Soffits offer a cost-effective system, which effectively levels the eaves of the project. Aluminium fascia and Soffits take very little maintenance and are corrosion resistant. All AFP systems are unique and can be formed and pressed to comply with any given specifications. In addition you are able to completely colour co-ordinate roofline systems, which enhances almost any project and has the additional asset of all being sourced from one supplier.

From a simple fascia cover to Bull-nose fascia, Plain or planked aluminium Soffits available with integrated venting, to more complex styles and profiles, AFP has a full design service which will deliver the style you want, manufactured to comply with all appropriate British Standards.

The roofline is the most vulnerable part of your home! being open to the wind, rain, sun, sleet, frost, ice and show, gutters can fill with dirt and overflow back onto the timber fascia and Soffit systems, which then rots and allows the dampness to enter the rafters and the inside ceilings and walls of the house, causing a catastrophic amount of damage. This leads to expensive repairs and loss of value to your home.

If you install an AFP Aluminium Fascia & Soffit system then this will be prevented, Aluminium does not absorb any liquid & provides a water proof front.

Many older homes have wooden fascia, Soffits, and trimmings. Sometimes, the owners are happy with the way their buildings look; at other times, the owners of these properties might try and improve the looks and energy efficiency of their houses by replacing the wooden fascia and Soffits with an aluminium fascia & Soffit system.

The aluminium Soffits and fascia have a lot going for them. They are low on costs and do not require much maintenance. They do not require scraping and painting after every few years as they are not damaged by water or rust.

There are three different kinds of parts that are necessary for cladding the eaves of a house in aluminium. The aluminium Soffits are fitted under the overhang of the roofs; these are then perforated to ensure that the proper ventilation of the attic is possible. J-channels are then used to cap the Soffits. The outer face of the roof overhang is covered with aluminium fascia.

AFP has 5 main aluminium fascia & Soffit systems available, although if you can provide us with a profile image & sizes for you required design we will endeavour to manufacture your unique design.